Division 4

Masonry Products

Division 4 covers all things masonry, which is the process of building with individual units like brick, block, or natural stone. 

One of the oldest forms of construction, masonry has proven its durability and relative construction ease. It’s a great choice for buildings that are meant to last lifetimes. While masonry can be laid up using a wide variety of units, because the material is so heavy, considerable effort is required to move the material long distances. That’s why many choose to select products that are available on a local or regional level.

Recent developments in Masonry, including improved mortar and reinforcing, have resulted in lighter-weight, stronger structures.

Coleman Materials supplies materials for Mortar, Mortar Color, Joint Reinforcing, Ties & Anchors, Flashing, Mortar Cleaners, Cavity Drainage. Contact us about your project.

Click on the manufacturer’s logo for detailed information and specifications on your masonry product choice.

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