Division 3

Concrete Products

Included in Division 3 is both site-placed and precast concrete. This includes basic concrete materials such as admixtures and reinforcing. Also part of Division 3 is concrete forming, handling, finishing, maintenance and repair. Masonry is covered in Division 4.

Concrete reinforcing is used to increase strength, with metal reinforcing bars, or rebar, the most common materials for this task. Due to concrete’s intense weight and the amount of rebar to build concrete structures of any significant height, most reinforced concrete is utilized for horizontal pours. Thus, concrete buildings are normally limited to a few stories. Advantages of this construction approach are durability, and fire and wind resistance.

Concrete with reinforced steel, or rebar, is used in many construction industry applications. Rebar contributes resistance to stress which comes from flexing. While concrete has great compressive strength, it’s weak in tension. Fortunately, rebar has excellent tensile strength though it must be held in place for effectiveness. This means that steel reinforced concrete offers a strong structural material that’s attractive, economical, reliable – and all the while durable.

Concrete bonds strongly to the rebar’s surface so stress is transferred from the concrete to the rebar. This allows reinforced concrete to be used for slabs, walls, beams, columns, floors, footings and foundations. Meanwhile, rebar is protected from corrosion by the concrete, and a film of iron oxide (assuming the concrete doesn’t undergo exposure to deicing salts). If this type of exposure occurs, galvanized or epoxy-coated rebar must be utilized.

Coleman Materials supplies materials for Formwork and Accessories, Formliners, Waterstop, Construction Chemicals and Grout, Vapor Barriers, Repair Products/Patching, Epoxies, and Expansion Joint. Contact us about your project.

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