About Us

You don’t care about us, we know that. But we also know:

  • That you want your material when you want it.
  • That you don’t want excuses, you want answers.
  • That you want a real person, who knows the products they sell to answer when you call.
  • That you don’t want anyone to make stuff up; just say you don’t know and get the answer.

All you need to know about us is:

  • Not only will we kiss your backside; we’ll let you pick the shade of lipstick we wear when we do it.
  • We know the difference between saving money and making money.
  • If you want to make money, call us.
Roger Wilkerson - Sales

Roger Wilkerson

11 Years of Service
Terry Orvis - Sales

Terry Orvis

10 Years of Service
Shea Craig - Sales

Shea Craig

4 Years of Service
Rob Gleason - Operations Manager

Rob Gleason

Operations Manager
17 Years of Service
D.J. Kirkpatrick - Production Manager

D.J. Kirkpatrick

Production Manager
9 Years of Service
Shawn O'Grady - Estimating & Detailing

Shawn O'Grady

Estimating & Detailing
10 Years of Service
Frank Harvey - Shop Foreman

Frank Harvey

Shop Foreman
2 Years of Service
Pam Simmons - Office Manager

Pam Simmons

Office Manager
18 Years of Service
Betty Weilert - Administration

Betty Weilert

9 Years of Service
Amber Bash

Amber Bash

Office Assistant
2 Years of Service
Ron Coleman - Owner

Ron Coleman

19 Years of Service